When does the Soldier’s PPW Record Become Active?

PPW will only display functions or activities that are actively available to individual Soldiers. Therefore, “Integrate” will only be available on records of Soldiers who are fully eligible for integration, while “Remove” will only be accessible to integrated soldiers.

Review the soldier’s records to determine why any of these functions and options are unavailable. PPW will list why soldiers are not eligible for integration and or why Soldiers are automatically deleted.

When does the Soldier's PPW Record Become Active - 01

Use “View Unofficial Record” to integrate a Soldier. After you select the appropriate record, the first page of PPW Soldier will appear, then scroll down to the bottom of the screen and click “Integrate Soldier to HQDA Promotion List.” Ensure that you have approved promotion board proceedings before clicking integrate.

When does the Soldier's PPW Record Become Active - 02

After clicking “Integrate Soldier to HQDA Promotion List,” a warning screen will appear. If you don’t want to integrate Soldier into the HQDA promotional roster, click New SSN. If you want to integrate Soldier, click “Integrate Soldier onto HQDA Promotion List” again.

When does the Soldier's PPW Record Become Active - 03

Soldier promotion points will be sent to the Total Army Personnel Database (TAPDB). Promotion points will continue updating TAPDB once Soldiers have integrated and updated their personnel and/or training records via eMILPO and/or ATRRS.