Where Can I See My Army Promotion Points?

After the soldier logs in, the PPW Army calculator record screen will appear. When accessing this screen, different forms will be available to soldiers. Form types include Official Record or Unofficial Record.

The Unofficial PPW Record is the most commonly used Soldier points snippet of times when a soldier was ineligible or previously qualified and deleted. This can be accessed by selecting the “New Unofficial PPW” button.

Unofficial copies identify records not part of the army’s official promotion point history in EDAS.

Previous Records are used to view records. To access Official PPW Records, use the drop-down menu. You can choose a certain effective date for PPW which will report official points for a certain period.

Authorized Records will only contain the header “Authorized, Previously Transmitted, or Archived.” This record is part of the “Official Soldiers” promotion point history recorded on EDAS and becomes part of the Soldier Official Record.

Future Point Adjustment is only available when a policy change is coming. This is if it will affect a sizeable population in the future.

Here is the army PPW example:

Army Promotion Points Worksheets Example

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