What is the Promotion Point Worksheet (PPW)?

Being in the Army is a big responsibility as a citizen of the United States. You may be familiar with the Promotion Point Worksheet or PPW Army for those who are also a soldier. This is very important so the Army can be promoted to higher positions.

For those who don’t know what the Promotion Point Worksheet is, here is a brief explanation of what the Promotion Point Worksheet Army is, how to access it, how to log in, and others related to it.

Promotion Point Worksheet (PPW) Army

What is PPW Army? Here is the army PPW explained. A Promotion Point Worksheet is something to tell you how many promotion points you have and will also show your current position. PPW is an automated system that will support the calculation of soldiers’ promotion points.

PPW uses soldier personnel records at The Electronic Military Personnel Office (eMILPO) and the Army Training Requirements and Resources System (ATRRS) to calculate the number of Promotion Points earned.

This system is essential so that soldiers can accurately ensure their Enlisted Records Brief (ERB). Below is a list of the main items that soldiers must have to familiarize themselves with their promotion status with applicable points:

  • Combat Experience
  • Language
  • Civilian Education
  • APFT Score/Date
  • Promotion Points/Date
  • Promotion MOS
  • Resident Courses
  • Awards and Decorations
  • Weapons Qual/Date
  • Correspondence Hours
  • Duty Position
  • Flags.

How do I Access PPW Army?

How do I Access PPW Army

To be able to access PPW Army, you must first register an AKO (Army Knowledge Online) account or CAC. AKO is a very secure electronic mail service the US Army provides using IMAP-S and POP-S.

Registering a CAC at AKO is very simple. AKO may validate your identity and register your account CAC during the login process. So you just simply log in with your CAC and PIN. Your CAC will be registering your account automatically if you successfully log in.

Some users may experience problems with this automatic CAC registration process and must do it manually. To do so, follow these few steps:

  • Visit https://www.us.army.mil/
  • Login to AKO/DKO using your Username & Password
  • Open the My Account menu
  • Choose CAC Registration/Certificate
  • Click Register
  • Enter password
  • Print the confirmation screen as desired.

How to Login PPW Army?

The next stage is the PPW Army login. How to log in to PPW Army? Go to https://www.hrcapps.army.mil/ppw/Default.aspx. After that, checklist “I’ve read and consent to the above conditions” and click submit.

After that, enter your AKO username and password. And you can go to the page to see your PPW Army. You can also click DoD-Approved Certificate Login to log in without a password.

Login with AKO ID & Password

How to log in to PPW Army

To log in with AKO, you can directly visit the website www.hrcapps.army.mil/ppw/Default.aspx. After that checklist, “I’ve read and consent to the above condition,” then Submit. After that, you just need to enter your AKO ID and password.

Login With CAC

You can also access PPW Army by logging in using CAC. Here are the steps for CAC login:

  • Visit https://www.us.army.mil/
  • Press the button that says “I Accept.”
  • Press the button that says “CAC/PIV Login.”
  • Choose your identity certificate if prompted, in which you may use your CAC username.
  • Press “OK”
  • Enter your PIN for CAC. This step may be skipped if you log in first.
  • Wait until the system approves your identity certificate before you’re logged in.

If you have problems accessing websites that use CAC, try to disable web protection or antivirus.

Where Can I See My Army Promotion Points?

After the soldier logs in, the PPW Army calculator record screen will appear. When accessing this screen, different forms will be available to soldiers. Form types include Official Record or Unofficial Record.

The Unofficial PPW Record is the most commonly used Soldier points snippet of times when a soldier was ineligible or previously qualified and deleted. This can be accessed by selecting the “New Unofficial PPW” button.

Unofficial copies identify records not part of the army’s official promotion point history in EDAS.

Previous Records are used to view records. To access Official PPW Records, use the drop-down menu. You can choose a certain effective date for PPW which will report official points for a certain period.

Authorized Records will only contain the header “Authorized, Previously Transmitted, or Archived.” This record is part of the “Official Soldiers” promotion point history recorded on EDAS and becomes part of the Soldier Official Record.

Future Point Adjustment is only available when a policy change is coming. This is if it will affect a sizeable population in the future.

Here is the army PPW example:

Army Promotion Points Worksheets Example

When does the Soldier’s PPW Record Become Active?

PPW will only display functions or activities that are actively available to individual Soldiers. Therefore, “Integrate” will only be available on records of Soldiers who are fully eligible for integration, while “Remove” will only be accessible to integrated soldiers.

Review the soldier’s records to determine why any of these functions and options are unavailable. PPW will list why soldiers are not eligible for integration and or why Soldiers are automatically deleted.

When does the Soldier's PPW Record Become Active - 01

Use “View Unofficial Record” to integrate a Soldier. After you select the appropriate record, the first page of PPW Soldier will appear, then scroll down to the bottom of the screen and click “Integrate Soldier to HQDA Promotion List.” Ensure that you have approved promotion board proceedings before clicking integrate.

When does the Soldier's PPW Record Become Active - 02

After clicking “Integrate Soldier to HQDA Promotion List,” a warning screen will appear. If you don’t want to integrate Soldier into the HQDA promotional roster, click New SSN. If you want to integrate Soldier, click “Integrate Soldier onto HQDA Promotion List” again.

When does the Soldier's PPW Record Become Active - 03

Soldier promotion points will be sent to the Total Army Personnel Database (TAPDB). Promotion points will continue updating TAPDB once Soldiers have integrated and updated their personnel and/or training records via eMILPO and/or ATRRS.

How do I Contact PPW Army

The PPW system will work as it should. If the system encounters an error that will affect your promotional points, then you can contact the PPW Army contact number, 1-888-ARMYHRC (1-888-276-9472), or contact DSN 983-9500.

PPW Army Help Desk

Doing Record in PPW Army

To be promoted, you must have points. To get it, you must be diligent in doing administrative records in the PPW Army. If you don’t take care of this and feel complacent, you will lose the promotion. Be diligent in managing it rather than letting it go.